Banner showing school children celebrating an achievement together

About Good2Go

What Good2Go Is All About

"Good2Go" is an interactive, web based system for use in schools and other educational settings, including Primary and Secondary schools, after school clubs, pupil referral units and special schools. The idea provides a fun and user friendly environment for children to record and detail the achievements that they accomplish every day, both in the classroom and at the home. Using the system, children can learn new ways of reflecting on the things they have done, large or small, physically or mentally, and discover the key learning points that make up each achievement. Whether this is an act of kindness or the victory of climbing Snowdon with Dad, children will be made to think of their accomplishments and the perceptions of themselves in different ways.

Who Is Involved In Good2Go and How The Concept Came About

The combination of skills derived from primary headship, the management and delivery of adult education programmes in further and higher education and from a team of developers, coders and creatives, specialising in the conception and evolution of exciting web based projects and applications, has formed a formidable driving force, the aim of which has been to create a unique learning tool that supports children and young people to be the best they can be.

In creating Good2Go, our goal is to support the development of confident, independent, happy and skilled children and young people, who are able to present themselves effectively and who are keenly focused upon improving aspects of themselves that are important to their future effectiveness in a global technological society.

As the power of the internet grows ever stronger, Good2Go also provides an opportunity to use technology to achieve something overwhelmingly positive and practical. It is an opportunity to enhance the perceptions of children and young people about their potential to achieve great things and how they can raise their aspiration. Crucially however Good2Go creates an opportunity to face the online learning curve head-on, by ensuring that all its usersare responsible and respectful.