How Much Does Good2Go Cost

Good2Go is a system that brings pupils closer to staff and school closer to home. All our packages allow access to the same features, the flexibility depends on the number of pupils you are using the system with. Whether you are a small school looking to integrate this exciting tool or a big school wanting to bring your pupil's achievements to the forefront of school life there is something for you that is cost effective and can grow alongside your user groups.

Take a look below for more information on each package type and how Good2Go is costed per month or per year.

Package Types

We have three types of package setup - free, pay monthly and pay annually.

  • FREE USE - £0.00

  • Our introductory package is for everyone wanting to get used to what Good2Go is all about without worrying about cost. Perfect for small groups or individual pupils to use, our FREE package allows up to 30 pupils to use all the available features of Good2Go until you are ready to expand to the rest of the school.
  • FREE forever
  • Up to 30 pupils
  • Up to 10 teachers
  • 3 parents/guardians included per pupil
  • PAY AS YOU GO - From £32.50 per month

  • Paying monthly on our pay as you go package means that you pay for what you use each month rather than per year. Building on our basic package of £30 per month, this package is costed up per pupil. Get a quote below to see how much your desired Good2Go system will cost.
  • Unlimited pupils
  • Unlimited teachers
  • 3 parents per pupil
  • Pay Monthly
  • PAY ANNUALLY - From £292.50 per year

  • If you know exactly how many pupils you want using GoodGo our Annual package sets you up for the year. Take advantage of this package to get 10% off your yearly cost. Get your quote below to see how much your annual package will cost.
  • 10% Off per year
  • Unlimited pupils
  • Unlimited teachers
  • 3 parents per pupil

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