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Good2Go – who we are, what we do and why schools want us…

26th April 2016

An overview of Good2Go and its impact on children’s social, emotional and academic development.

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Quote from the Harvard Principals

Reigniting a passion for teaching

01st March 2016

By focusing on the things that really matter, more teachers are reigniting their passion for teaching.

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Developing a Growth Mindset

The importance of mindset in enabling children to reach their potential

12th January 2016

This blog sets out to consider features of our education system and the relevance of mindset in maximising their effectiveness in achieving the best outcomes for children.

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The journey towards self-actualisation

Achieving ‘Self-Actualisation’ with Good2Go

09th November 2015

A blog exploring the synergy between Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Good2Go.

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First Day At School

School Ready

16th September 2015

When is a child school ready - is 4 too soon and is 7 too late?

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How Good2Go delivers evidence for Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare in the new Ofsted Framework
Group of children working together
Image of woman and dog walking through the park.  Mindful and mind full
Safer Internet Day 2015 - Competition Winner!
Boy concentrating on his studies
Parent helping their child do their homework
Group of young people celebrating together
Person bullying individual through the computer screen
Parents helping their child learn
Girl choosing a coloured pencil to draw with

Prepared for Life - skills v. knowledge

11th October 2014

Why it's so important to maintain a focus on developing skills for life

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Teacher struggling to cope with disruptive pupils

Low-level disruptive behaviour' - a consideration of Ofsted's report (September 2014)

28th September 2014

Tackling low level disruptive behaviour; the facts, the challenge and overcoming the difficulties.

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School leader handing out a reward to a pupil in a class assembly

Beyond the certificates and celebration assemblies

09th September 2014

How well does your school promote a culture of mutual respect?

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Family walking on the beach during a term time holiday
A talented child plays the cello in the school orchestra
Boy using the computer to do his school work